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Wrong Turn in Right Direction..

HELP to THE poor People

gram energy

Through the "Gram Energy" initiative, The Green “I” Initiative Foundation (previously known as The Green India Initiative) has designed a Green Village Program to adopt a needy school or backward village of India and developed that as ideal green village.

our purpose

Our Core Purpose is to channelize the appropriate investment towards the advancement of our beloved country while serving and taking a responsibility of underprivileged and saving environment at large.


Our main focus is on the contribution towards our supporters, our beneficiaries and our country in the form of Knowledge, Help & Technology.


Team TGIIF is always happy to adopt new technology & knowledge for the growth of our organization at large.


We take an oath to provide excellent services to our beneficiaries and we must justify it on the basis of our inner satisfaction.


We adopt the value Synergy to celebrate and respect the differences of each individual which will be greater than the sum of separate individuals.


The Green I Initiative Foundation is a transparent organization working with strong core values and ideologies. Each project executed or implemented, the financial movement of the money is with consent of the donor/ Corporate.

  • 60% money goes for Rural Development in Villages.
  • 35% money goes for Educational Fund in Schools.
  • 20% money goes for Awareness activities in Urban Areas.
  • 15% money goes for Other Social Projects in India.
  • Rural Development
  • Educational Fund
  • Awareness Activities
  • Other Social Projects

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we help many people

The Green I Initiative Foundation likes to aware the youth of today’s generation about the conditions of Rural India and Environmental benefits, young and enthusiastic volunteers are included in many of the projects as it is beneficial for them in the future.

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our Team

Mr. Deepak Gadhia

Mr. Sachin Shigwan
Chairman Trustee

Mr. Rajamohan
Managing Trustee

Mr. Nagesh Keshudas
Tresurer Trustee

HELP to THE poor People

we pramote

We promote the following products to help you save your electricity bills and also protect nature.

Solar Street Light

Solar Cooker

Solar Lantern

Solar PV Off Grid System

Solar Dual Pump System

Solar Lighting System

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